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Vilirom was one of the original four wizards who, along with Brant Bladescream, founded the Blackrazor Guild in Obsidian Bay. He had adventured for Bladescream for a number of years, and was with him when he recovered the legendary sword Blackrazor from the dungeons under White Plume Mountain from the lich Keraptis. It was also in this dungeon where Vilirom acquired Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn.

He, along with the other four wizards left the guild after Bladescream ignored their advice and went after the mighty wyrm Woryx... to disastrous results.

Editor's Note: Some Blackrazor journals refer to the Invoker wizard as Vilirom, some as Bolaris. It is unclear if this is the same person, two people, or if one is simply an alias.



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