Four Wizards of the Blackrazor Guild

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The legendary Four Wizards of the Blackrazor Guild were powerful mages who succeeded in penetrating the defenses of White Plume Mountain with Brant Bladescream. They returned home to Obsidian Bay with a tremendous magical cache, while Bladescream carried his own trophy: the sword Blackrazor, which gave its name to the guild they founded.

In the years that followed, the guild's four founding mages worked to create the Blackrazor's manor-house basement. It was an impressive magical fortification that included dimensional gateways to locations scattered around the Flanaess. Over the objections of the Four Wizards, Bladescream led a disastrous expedition against the wyrm Woryx. When he returned as the only survivor of the expedition the wizards flew into a rage, sealed the underground fortress, cursed Bladescream, and left for unknown destinations.