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The Huntmaster of Newtower, and Baldwin's representative.


Clovis was born to a family of farmers. Growing up, he preferred to read more than work on the farm, but he did both. When he came of age, his family allowed him to study with the clerics at the local temple of Phyton. There he would learn the ways of his god, until his country was invaded.

During the Giant invasion Clovis was forced to flee to the forests. There he joined other rangers in gorilla warfare against the giants, learning new skills. After the liberation, he returned home to find a new Baron was gifted the lands. Seeking to continue service to his country, Clovis offered his services to the new lord. Baldwin recognized his skills, and made him the Huntmaster of Newtower.


In CY 592 Clovis died while on a mission for Grand Duke Owen III.


  • Baldwin's House: one of the Blackrazors who aided in the liberation of Geoff, and was granted lands and the title of Baron.


  • No statblock is available for this character