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Baldwin, who strangely refers to himself in the 3rd person as "K'sograh the Mighty" has recently discovered the full extent of his powers and is one of the more effective Blackrazors.


Baldwin originally hailed from the ancient kingdom of Keoland. He rarely talks about his past or his tutelage into the Arcane arts, but his pale complexion and hair marks him as a nearly pure Suel, and his proficiency in ancient Suel suggest a deeper and more meaningful past instead of a mere hedge-wizard.

After leaving his native land, Baldwin eventually found his way to Obsidian Bay. There he heard of an adventuring group known as the Blackrazors and endeavored to join them.

Much of his experience with the Blackrazors had been lackluster, eliciting the ridicule of his fellow guildmembers. It became quickly evident that this mage had learned his skills and power in the controlled setting of a classroom rather than in bloody combat as an adventurer.

However, all of that changed when he discovered a magic wand some time ago. Divinations revealed it to be a wand of Lightning Bolts, a spell that Baldwin preferred and used frequently. However, little did he know it was cursed, forcing him to never say his name (on pain of a mild electric shock) and instead taking on the name--and some would say inflated ego and confidence--of some forgotten wizard named "K'sograh." The true irony, however, was that the name was of ancient Baklunish origins. It soon became evident that "K'sograh" had come into his own, and the Blackrazors refused to end the curse for this reason. Referring to himself as "K'sograh the Mighty" he battled giants in the effort to liberate Geoff.

Over time, the power of the wand waned as it's magical energies were consumed. With the power of the wand diminished, the curse weakened until it was broken. While K'sograh is now gone, and Baldwin reasserts himself, much of the power he gathered remains.

Baldwin/K'sograh most of the time is unassuming, but when in new or strange company, or in the press of battle, he becomes slightly arrogant and pompous, with an air of grandeur. Difficult to tell, however, is if this affectation is an act, a result of the curse, or a new personality taken on by Baldwin. However, he is effective and few complain. Lately, thanks to the beginnings of his transition into an air elemental (thanks to the ancient lore of the Elemental Savant) he has taken an otherworldly affectation, enhanced by the subtle changes in his appearance.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertent heroism.



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