Cult of Death Undying

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An undead cult that haunts the Obsidian Maze.


Founded by the necromancer Lewandrew when he left the City of Greyhawk for the Pomarj in C.Y. 583, this cult is made up of an unknown number of mages, clerics and warriors. They have conquered small portions of the Obsidian Maze near the Free City of Obsidian Bay.

During the Greyhawk Wars, they played an active role in attacking the Free City, but were beaten back and thought destroyed by the members of that city’s Invincibles Guild.

The exact goals of the cult are not known, and its exploits have a certain chaotic, self-defeating character.

It is known that the lich Brantis was a member of the cult and it is believed that other cultists shared his goal of restoring the undead Fading Land of Necros.

Brantis was believed defeated by the Blackrazor Guild in early C.Y. 586 when he tried to bring back the lost land. His phylacetery was never found however, and in CY 592 a Blackrazor expedition to Brantis Hold to find a hidden chamber within the hold's dungeon that had been broken into ... and whatever it had held had been taken. The Blackrazors believe that the lich's phylactery was held in this chamber ... and that the cult now has it in its possession.

The cult is served by the Followers of the Skeletal Way, fanatical foot soldiers who obey the cult's every command. They serve as guardians, soldiers, and assassins for the cult, and will gladly give their lives in service to them. Their fondest hope is to die and be resurrected as some form of undead.

Death Undying is also believed to have ties -- through Lewandrew -- to the now-broken Cult of the Shriven Sickle in the Free City of Greyhawk.



  • Nesus: A necromancer who specializes in the creation of new forms of undead.


  • Brantis: A powerful lich and member of the Cult of Death Undying
  • Lewandrew: The legendary Archlich leads the cult of Death Undying.


  • Nefar: A cleric of Nerull who died fighting the Blackrazor Guild during one of their early fights with the Cult of Death Undying.
  • Separious: A necromancer who died fighting the Blackrazor Guild in the Obsidian Maze.


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