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The remnants of the corrupt and broken Professionals Guild lurks beneath the surface of Obsidian Bay, weaving nefarious plans designed to overthrow the city's rightful rulers.



Founded by renegades of the Professionals Guild after that group’s disbanding in CY 583, the Dark Circle is comprised of individuals who wish to see the city’s ruling class destroyed, and themselves installed as leaders. Their identities are completely unknown and only one of their operatives has ever been captured.

The group was responsible for the Fall of Obsidian Bay to the Scarlet Brotherhood in CY 587, and its only known member -- Damocles Everton -- died in the fighting. Everton was an excellent swordsman, prominent trader and master of the Blackrazor Guild.

He was also an arrogant bastard who was hated and feared by many in the city -- indeed by many in his own guild (well, definitely hated, but more mocked than feared by the Blackrazors).

The group is believed to have gone deep into hiding after the city’s liberation, and little has been heard of them since. They remain feared throughout the city, and many unexplained phenomenon are blamed on them. Some of the common folk believe that the Circle is in league with devils in the Nine Hells, and rumors abound that the Circle is now off recruiting legions from the UnderOerth.

Others disagree, arguing that its clear that criminals are in league with the Scarlet Brotherhood, and actually worshippers of He Who Must Not Be Named.


  • Damocles Everton: Former master of the Blackrazor Guild, and the only known member of the Dark Circle. He died fighting Kalib Ironfist during the fall of Obsidian Bay.


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