Damocles Everton

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Damocles was master of the Blackrazor Guild from CY 586-587. He was also a traitor, and died during the Fall of Obsidian Bay.


Damocles Everton was the nephew of Blackrazor Guild founder Brant Bladescream. He became Guildmaster in CY 586, not by guild choice. It was because he had become the majority shareholder when his uncle Brant disappeared (and was declared legally dead), forcing Malphas out. Damocles inherited his uncle's shares, had obtained others (purchased in a shady deal with the help of unknown financial backers, likely from the Dark Circle which he turned out to be a member of, either before or after Brant went missing), and thus had the most.


Shortly after that Damocles betrayed Obsidian Bay to invasion from the Scarlet Brotherhood. It also turned out he was involved in his uncle's disappearance (and being made into an undead construct). Kalib Ironfist killed Damocules during the Fall of Obsidian Bay after engaging him in single battle while the rest of the Guild was occupied elsewhere. The guild shares were obviously then revoked upon his death these terrible deeds.

For a long time after the Fall, Kalib kept Damocules' head and used it to cast Speak with Dead, mostly to taunt Damocules. When Kalib started seriously interrogating Damocules' soul about the Dark Circle, he got the sense that Damocules' soul was forcibly taken away by ... something. No further Speak with Dead was possible and finally Kalib buried Damocules' skull (likely in Geoff).



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