Demetry Hawkins

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Demetry is the sixth son of a minor Keolandish noble. Generations ago, before the fall of the Poor March, his family had held land on the peninsula. When the March fell, and became the Pomarj, the family fled back to their ancestral lands in the mother country. Demetry, knowing that he would receive nothing more than a suit of armor and his family sword, went to the Pomarj in hopes of reclaiming his family's lost land.

Demetry is a chaotic warrior who still manages to hold to his own code of chivalry, and quickly came to be regarded as one of the Blackrazor Guild's most capable warriors.

He is a devote follower of the god of vengeance, Trithereon. His faith has led him to regard the cleric Kalib Ironfist as something of a mentor. He is an expert swordsman, and is constantly looking for masters to help him hone his skills with the long sword. His weapon of choice is Hawkin's Reaper, his ancestral long sword.

After the War of Exile, Demetry was awarded for his steadfast devotion to liberty with command of the Knights of the Fist. More recently he was named the Commandant of the Obsidian Bay Academy of War.