Finn Underbow

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A halfling ranger, and a hero of Obsidian Bay.


Finn is a halfling ranger who adventured across the Pomarj during the founding days of Obsidian Bay. He is affectionately known by his companions for his love of savory pudding.

Finn was named a hero by the leaders of the settlement after his assistance during a particularly harsh winter season. He was granted land, which he chose to take in the nearby cozier settlement of Waterton


As a ranger Finn sometimes prefers the company of animals to humans. His first such animal companion was a raven. While it was a stalwart companion, it wasn't very hearty. It was killed by a group of pirates-turned-bandits. The next was a wolf from the Pomarj. It was killed by a band of hobgoblins during an adventure. Finn and his companions were able to dispatch the goblins and get justice for the raven. As fate would have it, this battle was witnessed by a pack of Winter wolves. Seems the wolves were also being hunted by the hobgoblins. Their leader Gunnolf, offered his son Odolf as Finn's new animal companion.


  • Not associated with any organizations.


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