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Born among the Flan tribes in the jagged eastern hills of the Pomarj, and honed as a mystical warrior amid the chaos of the humanoid invasions, he is HAWKWIND, Warrior on the Edge of Time!‎


Hawkwind's people originally inhabited the windswept hills overlooking the Gearnat Strait of the far southeastern Pomarj between Blue and Griffins Landing, having survived for ages as semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers. In recent centuries, they traded game and furs to the Keoish settlers for other amenities such as refined steel, finished cloth, and various decorative objects. Hawkwind was chosen at an early age to study with the local druids' circle and become one of them. He had nearly acquired the basic skills and knowledge to be initiated as an aspirant of the circle when fate would lead him down another path. As the humanoids swept across the Pomarj, the Red Fang orcs came upon the sacred stone circle where Hawkwind and the elder druids gathered for their rites. He was sent as a runner to warn the rest of his tribe some miles away of the impending danger while the members of the circle itself remained to fend off the orcs to buy him time. He knows not what became of them, though they are thought to have all perished in combat. Hawkwind then instead joined the warrior band of his tribe, his druidic studies incomplete. He has become a formidable archer, and is able to channel the spirit of the eagle totem when his anger takes over in battle. His tribe remains scattered in the eastern Pomarj in small warbands, though Hawkwind often wanders alone, seeking to understand his spirit visions, and commune with his ancestors in the wilds.


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