Jack Greymane

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Sailor, sometimes pirate, Cleric for Hire.


Jack Greymane is a middle aged human. Much like his surname suggests, both his head of hair and beard have gone pre-maturely grey. Jack has a constant aura of the sea around him.

When Jack talks about the past, he mentions an enormous amount of sea travel. Sometimes it almost seems like he's traveled as part of the crew of every ship on Oerth. Seems a cleric of procan is highly sought out by ship captains; and so Jack has made a living traveling across the seas on countless ships. From time to time he'll even sign up with adventuring groups in hopes to make extra money. What he does with all that money... he doesn't talk about save mentioning bad luck.

Because of the nature of the city, his travels have taken him in and out of Blue on many occations. While there recently, he ran into an interesting fellow named Hawkwind. Seems Hawkwind had been acting as bait for a bunch of gnolls to keep them away from the rest of his party. He had finally lost the gnolls, and circled back around to catch up to the party. It lead him to Blue seeking clues to where they went next. The two were able to discover that they went to search for the Crypt of the Queen in Silver. Jack was curious and asked to tag along.

The two caught up with the party, and were able to plunder the Tomb. They used the riches to pay for the release of one of their mentors, and prepared to head back home. The party offered to have Jack join them. Jack decided to take them up on their offer. He packed his things headed to Obsidian Bay, hoping a new settlement will bring him better luck.


  • Not associated with any organizations.


  • No statblock available.