Johann the Destroyer

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Male human cleric of St. Cuthbert, senior member of the Griffins Guild


There is one Griffin who seeks the uncertainty in Obsidian Bay and knows it must be tamed. His name is Johann the Destroyer, stalwart priest of St. Cuthbert. True to his faith, he argues that order and discipline must be established before the community descends into chaos. His followers -- with no mandate save that which they gave themselves -- patrol the streets of the frontier settlement, cudgels in hand, attempting to reign in the greatest of the frontier towns excesses. All the while Johann advocates for a more formal government, and pressures Samuel Longriver to establish the rule of law.

He was a founder of Obsidian Bay. He, along with Samuel "Battle Axe" Longriver, Robertson, and Súlimëtasar, led the Griffins Guild to the Pomarj to found the city.



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