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Korlandril was born into a world filled with the arcane. Son of court magic users of the Elven kingdom, he began his tutelage at a young age, learning minor magicks, the philosophy of spellcasting, as well as the culture, arts, and swordplay of his people.

But Korlandril was filled with an insatiable curiosity. When his education in the arcane came to a critical junction, he felt overwhelmed with the desire for knowledge. Secretly gaining entrance to his father's library, there under a funeral moon he found texts of arcane and bizarre lore, secrets mortals were not meant to know. Reading the grimoires voraciosly filled his mind with otherworldly energies.

But his father discovered his transgression, and cast him from the library and the schools of magic. But the books had their effect. Korlandril was somehow...changed. Exiled from his homeland, he discovered a new power of innate magic, and could cast spells without the elaborate rituals of Wizardry. More disturbing, he found other changes: the ability to cast acid from his fingertips, and his limbs began to take on an almost boneless quality. Fearful he fled to the civilized lands of Man, ekeing out a meager existence performing at inns and taverns, playing ballads of exceeding sorrow.