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Maturin was born as a Chelaxian slave. At an early age he was taken from his mother and sold to a noble family. Hoping to make a better servant, Maturin was schooled alongside the noble children. Though this brought him a better life than other slaves, it was still harsh as he was bullied daily by his "peers". However, during an ocean voyage with his masters, Maturin was taken by pirates. Being a slave already, he had no problems with the orders of his new masters. Quickly proving his worth, he rose through the ranks from a slave to a shipmate. Eventually he caught the attention of the ship's physician. A cleric Besmara, the physician taught Manturin the art of healing.

Recently, through a strange turn of events, Manturin was freed. Left free in Riddleport, without a real idea of what to do, he began looking for work. He heard that the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall was looking for work, but when he got there they turned him away saying they were full. Eventually he ran into a crew of pirates preparing to enter The Bonecraw in search of treasure. Learning of his skills in healing they quickly accepted Manturin. However, just as quickly, they left him behind when they got overwhelmed by Troglidites...