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  • Class(es): Warlock 8
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Tiefling
  • God: Unknown
  • Alignment: Unknown
  • Status: Alive
  • City: Unknown
  • Country: Unknown

As a child, Mordai was unhappily shunned by his peers, and only tolerated by his family, as a burden they must suffer. The reasons were apparent: he was unlike any others, given his fiendish appearance. The K'sogrites speculated on how this came to be; his father, a direct descendant of the first K'sogrite Baldwin (and himself bearing the markings of Baldwin's strange transformation into an Air Elemental) brought the boy home one day, declared that he would care for it, and never mentioned his mother. It became obvious, over the years, from whom his descent came from, as his grandmother (perhaps much removed) Glasya began whispering in his ear. But despite that, he matured and remained a good heart, loyal to his family despite their disdain, and always a champion of those that cannot fight for themselves.

In the beginning, this was with fists and determination, but as Mordai approached adulthood, again his fiendish descent manifested itself, this time not in his visage, but in abilities beyond that of a normal person. Yet, despite the darkness, he vowed only to use these abilities for the betterment of his friends and strangers, not for gain or greed.