Odothar Bronzearm

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Adventurer and Schoolmaster.


Odothar, like the rest of his family, was the weaponsmaster of House Arlis, a minor noble house offering fealty to House Cranden in the Great Kingdom's southern province of Ahlissa. The family followed the old Oerdian ways, honoring the entire pantheon and standing, if not as a force for good, then at least one of moderation.

Unfortunately the accelerating entropy of the Great Kingdom's political system caught up with his family as the current generation of House Arlis became spoiled, decadent, and all too willing to play games with the High Court in hopes of undermining and supplanting House Cranden.

Perseverance, hard work, and loyalty were replaced by an all-pervasive opportunism that constantly sought short term advantage instead of long-term gain. As their schemes unravelled they became abusive toward the house staff, beating and even killing members of families who had served them loyally for years.

When the brutish young scion of the house beat a young boy to death for failing to fetch his drink quickly enough, Odothar had had enough. He challenged the man to a duel, then slew the scion outright. Outraged, the family elders dismissed him from their service ... and then sent assassins to kill him.

Odothar fled, taking three of his most talented students with him. Together they dodged the assassins' arrows and blades, and made their way to the seaport of Prymp. Hearing of the boomtown of Obsidian Bay, Odothar decided to travel there.

For the last few months he's done a little of everything. He used the last of savings to build a small flat with an attached training room in the burgeoning Wharf District, and trains guards, mercenaries, and newly-minted adventurers during his downtime. He's served as a field consultant for both Ranfrot's Raiders and the Griffins Guild. His students have become his retainers, managing the school while while he's gone.


Odothar has started visiting the Shrine of Heironeous, and has taken many of its teachings to heart. He's begun offering informal self-defense lessons to the city's many refuges on Godsday.

Odo's biggest flaw is his charitable nature. He's a sucker for a sob story largely because he feels a deep-seated need to atone for all the horrors he couldn't stop in the Great Kingdom. While he's not foolish with his money, he's far more likely to spend his coin helping someone than chasing after gold to fund a lavish lifestyle.

In combat, Odothar is seeks to put his long years of experience to work by teaching people how to fight better ... and saving them from their mistakes. He does his best to turn aside blows that would kill those weaker than himself (usually accompanied by a lecture on how the individual could have avoided that situation)


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