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Phillymondiuspartigan (aka "Phil") is a bright, curious young gnome hailing from the settlement of Umok. A frenetic bundle of gangly limbs topped off with a wild mane of shocking green hair, Phil is nonetheless a gregarious and charming traveling companion, albeit prone to distracted detours. "If I am not mistaken, that is an entirely heretofore unknown variety of bluebell moth. Wait here - I will be right back!"

He left home six years ago, in search of inspiration, adventure, and "anything BUT goblins to fight". After a brief stay in Whistledown, he resolved to travel to Riddleport, as he had heard that the fried fish was much better there. At times a raucous and even dangerous place for a lone young gnome, is was at least "very rarely ever boring".

After several literal days spent at the harbor's edge gawping at the looming Cyphergate, Phil resolved to comb the city's library for more information about this amazing landmark, which was of course "the keenest friggin' thing he'd ever seen!" While pouring haphazardly through copious dusty volumes, Phil happened upon an old human reading from the same tome he'd been currently searching for. The ensuing conversation revealed this wizened scholar to be Ozmantin, a ranking member of the city's Cyphermages, who quickly became endeared to Phil's childlike and insatiable curiosity.

After several years' study under his aging mentor, tragedy struck. Ozmantin and Phil had accompanied a band of adventurers to a local tomb, with the intention of studying and hopefully translating a recently-discovered Thassilonian wall fresco. However, the party unwittingly unlocked a sealed room containing a particularly grumpy duo of mummified walking corpses, and Ozmantin contracted a horrible, wasting disease in the ensuing altercation.

Upon their return to Riddleport, no amount of magical healing proved effective against this cursed malady. It was clear that Ozmantin was dying. As his last legacy to his grieving apprentice, Ozmantin employed his eldritch cypher magic to scribe a collection of spells onto Phil's body. To this day, Phil sports a collection of bold, cobalt-blue arcane tattoos across his face, arms, and chest. As Phil's arcane knowledge grows, he will hopefully learn to decipher each of these spells, fading in turn from his flesh only to blossom again in his mind.