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Cover Art: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Ravenloft is a new campaign tackled by our gaming group. It takes place in the country of Barovia, a country oppressed by plagues of undead, and their evil lord. To potentially tie it to our other campaigns, Barovia was fit into the the Great Kingdom between the Flinty Hills and the Blemu Hills.

The campaign is based almost entirely on the Dungeons & Dragons deluxe adventure Expedition to Castle Ravenloft by Bruce R. Cordell and James Wyatt.

It features a group of pre-established adventurers who followed a request for aid in Barovia. Since then several members have died and were replaced by new heroes following the call.

Current Status

The campaign has been placed on hiatus.

Cast of Characters

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  • Doneghal - (Bob) cleric of Daern, god of fortifications
  • Naru - (Hardcorhobbs) A monk who came with the adventurers to Barovia

Character Creation

For Ravenloft the group decided to return to "basics".

  • All characters are to be created from the core books only.
  • Abilities are derived using a 30 point buy.
  • Max hp at first level, rolling in DM's presence afterward.
  • Prestige classes are available with DM approval.
  • Gold and equipment is derived using the Starting Wealth Guidelines.


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