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The epic sagas of the Blackrazor "Redshirts", who fought many a brave and desperate battle to save the world from the resurrected menace of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

It began when a Baklunish man by the name of Khoury of Ket commissioned the Blackrazors under Malphas to escort him from Blue to Thornward. It was his wish to safely make his way across the border back to Ket without being harassed too much by the Knights of the Watch/Darkwatch/Malagari/Silent Ones. Malphas gave this task to a bunch of Blackrazor Redshirts, the lowest ranking probationary members of the guild.

They smuggled Khoury as far as the Rushmoors before it was learned that scrutiny was warranted because he really was a sneaky Baklun. Secretly he was an apprentice of Rary (the Traitor) in the Bright Desert and was magically sending Intel back to Rary/Robilar. Khoury eventually escaped the Redshirts and the Watchers. Then the Redshirts split before the Watchers caught up with them since they had been harboring a spy.

This lead them into the Sheldomar Valley and ultimately Verbobonc where they encountered the Temple.

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  • The Redshirts Campaign Sagas have been lost to time, and now only exist as a verbal legend.



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