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Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertent heroism.

The Blackrazor Guild was founded in CY 577 by Brant Bladescream and named after his prize possession, the sword Blackrazor. A few years later Brant led the guild on a disastrous mission against the Ancient Black Dragon Woryx. Brant somehow made his way out alive, but most of the guild and the sword were lost in the process. The guild would not recover for several years.

In 586 the guild went through it's "Second Founding" when Malphas von Malaclypse took control of the Guild. Since then the guild has increased in size, fame, and of course infamy, across the Flanaess.

Further reading of the Guild's history, as documented by guild scribe George Fillerman, can be found here:

Noteworthy Achievements

  • Battle of Blue
  • Obsidian Bay war of Exile
  • Liberation of Geoff
  • Strike on Turrosh Mak
  • War for the Pomarj


Guild Masters

  1. Brant Bladescream: (CY 577-586) Founder and first Guildmaster.
  2. Malphas von Malaclypse: (CY 586) Swindled Brant for control of the guild, then began leading the guild back into profit.
  3. Damocles Everton: (CY 586-587) Became guildmaster through a hostile takeover. Ended up betraying Obsidian Bay; thus his shares and status were revoked.
  4. Tänévir Calywyn: (CY 587-590) The most senior guildmember at the time, Tanevir lead the guild until Malphas' return.
  5. Malphas von Malaclypse (CY 590 to date) Though his return caused some senior members to leave the guild, Malphas' second run has seen the guild grow into one of the most infamous of Obsidian Bay.

General Roster

The Blackrazors have been around for quite some time, and generally secure a new home wherever they end up. As such they have gained quite a following over the years. A list of their more notable members can be found here:


The nickname given to the lowliest members of the Blackrazor Guild comes from the red tunic bearing the guild's crest all provisional members are given.

  • See the Redshirts entry for more information.


Former Holdings

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