Seltaren Campaign Primer

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Seltaren Blackrazors

  • Gilbert Blackerd: Master of the House, A well kept human male who's a bit of a sly talker.
  • Ulfrick Tully: Weaponmaster, A large gruff looking quite human male.
  • Oswald Baker: Scribe, halfling follower of Krovis who can't seems to be under the thumb of Gilbert.

Addtional Redshirts

  • Donnabella Fiasco: human female, Acolyte of Wee Jas, known for her unicorn mask.
  • The Impressive Fighter: Impressed Ulfrick during the try outs.
  • The Shifty Fighter
  • The Farmer
  • The Caravan Guard

Other People



  • Brewfest: Week long festival marking the change from summer to autumn.
  • Wroth Silver: An annual tradition where cattle farmers of the Duchy pay tribute to the Duke for use of his lands.