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Skender is a male human (Varisian) rogue who grew up basically on the streets and wilds surrounding Riddleport. He became an orphan when he was separated from his father (a noted Sczarni swindler by some accounts, who ran afoul of the powers that be in Riddleport and had to make a quick escape) who left him in the charge of a minor Riddleport brothel madame serving under the crimelord mistress Shorafa Pamodae. The brothel where he was staying changed hands frequently, and by the time he was ten, he left to join a children's beggar gang, and eventually worked his way up in the various street level bands to become a full-fledged pickpocket and burglar. He generally works alone, but from time to time has done jobs with the assortment of other brigands that he grew up on the streets with.