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Squire Eric, the infamous paladin werewolf of of Northern Aerdy.


Sir (a.k.a. Squire) Eric was a leader of men ... or at least tried to be while adventuring with Malphas von Malaclypse and other proto-Blackrazors in the North Province of the former Great Kingdom.

Originally from the Sea of Meegia, the paladin suffered through a number of missteps, once interrogating and then killing a prisoner.

To atone for this dishonorable act, he took a vow of silence. Hours later, while meeting the leader of the village of Emer, Eric learned that someone was sick. He wanted to tell Old Man Emer that he had healing powers.

Unable tell him this because of his vow, Squire Eric did the only thing he could.

He stabbed himself with a fork.

Alarmed by the strange, self-mutilating mute in front of him, Old Man Emer ordered Eric taken from the room before the paladin could heal himself and prove his point.

Squire Eric was like that.

Shortly after that encounter, Eric was bitten by a werewolf and infected with lycanthropy. The disease didn't show for months, giving Squire Eric plenty of time to show his prowess on the battle field. The pinnacle of his career was his fight with goblins in their lair in the Flinty Hills.

In that battle he lost both of his weapons and had to resort to tackling the creatures. Unfortunately, he knocked himself unconscious when he missed a goblin and slammed into a wall, knocking himself unconscious.

Months later his disease caught up with him, transforming him into a werewolf. He ran off into the night, and the party never saw him again.


He resurfaced years later as a blackguard fighting for the forces of the Temple of Elemental Evil, and was slain by the Blackrazor Redshirts.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertent heroism.


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