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Guild master of the Blackrazors. As a follower of Ralishaz Malphas is perhaps the most chaotic of the Black Razors, however beneath his erratic whims, he always remains cold and calculating.


Malphas was makes up for his lack of physical prowess with guile, thievery, manipulation and other Machiavellian pursuits. After all, why should one confront ones enemies directly when you can manipulate them toward your own ends. And when words and trickery fail, other more drastic means may be necessary.

Orphaned at an early age, Malphas was the beneficiary of a rather substantial trust fund allowing him to study magic as well as law in Rel Mord. After his trust fund were spent he joined the local thieves guild to support his studies. After a few months of this, he became frustrated with having to work to further the gain of others rather than his own desires and snuck off in the night, taking along with him everything of value he could manage to carry. Free from the tyranny of others, he has set out to seek his fortune and to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible.

Malphas lead a small band of adventures in the Northern Province of the former Great Kingdom, slowly gaining wealth and power along with a string of enemies. The group worked their way to Inspa and finally the Adri forest before being offered a chance to travel to the far off town of Obsidian Bay in the Pomarj. Seeing an opportunity where their enemies would not be able to track them down so easily (especially the Grindsmen), he departed the Great Kingdom.

On the ship, Malphas made several new acquaintances who would play important roles in the days to come; Tanevir Calywyn and Kalib Ironfist. These three, along with a few other adventurers onboard, were shipwrecked on a tiny island, home to a malicious wizard. After handily defeating the wizard, the remaining adventurers were able to Teleport to Obsidian Bay using an enchanted amulet they had found.

Soon after entering the city Malphas found employment for his motley group at the Blackrazor Guild, Obsidian Bay’s least successful adventuring company. After a cleverly worded contract netted the group several thousand gold pieces from a successful mapping expedition of the Obsidian Maze Malphas purchased a substantial share of the Blackrazor Guild. The Guild’s former guild master was duped into selling off most of his remaining shares to Malphas thus making him the guild master. Under Malphas’s wiles the guild blossomed and grew in power and prestige.

After a series of unfortunate events in Greyhawk, Malphas was forced to step down from the position of guild master. It was during this time that the guild was betrayed by the upstart guild master Damocles Everton. Under an assumed persona Malphas was soon able to overthrow the traitor and place his long time adventuring companion Tanevir Calywyn in the position of guild master. After a few years of consolidating his fortunes and growing in power Malphas reemerged and took over the role of the Blackrazor’s guild master.

In addition to his role of guild master of the Blackrazor’s, Malphas owns Malaclypse Enterprises Incorporated a moderately successful business venture specializing in legal services, home security, item recovery and insurance. Additionally he recently purchased part ownership in The Blackened Stump, one of Obsidian Bay’s more infamous gambling dens.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.
  • Malaclypse Enterprises Incorporated: A moderately successful Business venture specializing in legal services, home security, item recovery and insurance.


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