Telek Zan'Ker

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Male human wizard of Suel decent, who has the telltale signs of nobility.


Telek Zan'Ker is a human wizard of Suel decent. He's from a lower branch of the noble House Rhola from Gradsul. As a noble Telek was taught by the best tutors in Gradsul, and when he was old enough sent to study magic. Never happy with his life of study, Telek always wanted more. He always felt like the black sheep of his family. So one day he packed up what he could and left Gradsul on a boat. Eventually this lead him to Saltmarsh, where he crewed up onto Gimble's Folly.

Decent to Madness

When Telek first spotted the crew of Gimble's Folly, he found them trying to pawn off some goods they had "acquired" at an abandoned mansion. Among these were some gold items they claimed were created by a wizard through transmutation. Telek made a deal with the crew on the spot and became their ship wizard. He acquired an amulet, a "Philosophers Stone" and a notebook filled with strange writings. After days of study, Telek decided to wear and attune to the amulet hoping it would be the key to solving the puzzle. From this point, Telek felt he was ever edging closer to solving the riddle of transmutation. Just a few more pieces to gather, and a few more formulas to decipher and he would solve it... just a few more...

A spot of clarity, before his demise

Telek continued his madness for several weeks. While the party became more and more concerned, they put up with him as he was still useful. Eventually, opportunity struck when Telek faced down a Ettin. The Ettin made short work of him, and knocked him unconscious. After saving him from the Ettin, Mather Thornley snatched the Philosopher's Stone from his neck before he regained consciousness. Telek awoke and began to right himself over the next few days, discarding some of the odd items he had collected, and getting some new clean clothing.

A few days later fate decided Telek's adventures would end when he was killed by minions of the Vinelord.



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