Gimble's Folly

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Gimble's Folly

A well worn-in ship who's changed hands several times over the past few years.


The ship now known as Gimble's Folly is a well worn-in and seasoned ship which has changed hands a few times recently. The known history of the current crew goes back to a man who inherited it from his uncle. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, this man met his end on the sea. One of the crew, Gimble Timbers, took command of the ship and hired on additional crew. It wasn't long before Gimble also met his end. They remaining crew decided if they were to keep the ship, it needed a new name. So they named it after the previous captain.


The crew keeps a special cask in the hold of the ship. The contents they call "Gimble shots", which they share with new crew members. It is rumored that they refill the same cask with fresh brandy to keep it full.