The Borderlands Primer

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The primer for The Borderlands Campaign.


Major NPCs

  • Lord Macsen Wledig: Male human fighter. Lord of Kendall Keep and the driving force behind its construction.

Minor NPCs

  • Osgred Beasely: Male human. Owner of the Green Man Inn and One-Eyed Cat Tavern, which he operates with his wife and small horde of children. He's primarily found behind the bar at the One-Eyed Cat.
  • Esbel Beasely: Female human. Wife of Osgred Beasely, Esbell handles the day-to-day operations of the Green Man Inn.
  • Reginald Bynoth: Male human fighter. Guard captain of one of the caravans that regularly visits the keep. He's considering giving up the business since his disastrous last run, which saw most of his guards killed. He's currently recruiting new guards at Kendall Keep.
  • Wuldulf Everwatch Male human. Master of the Kendall Keep Guild Hall.
  • Grimm Firebeard: Male dwarf. Owner of Firebeard Trading Company.
  • Abercrombie Neld: Male human cleric. Billet of St. Cuthbert and leader of the faithful in Kendall Keep.
  • Mouse: Male stoutfoot halfling. Proprietor of the Broken Key and occasional middleman for the acquisition and sale of unusual goods.
  • Fryda Opegbryth Female human. Owner of Fryda's Provisions.
  • Sabine: Female human fighter. The Gatekeeper of the Keep, she's also known as Sabine the Older (to distinguish her from her daughter, Sabine the Younger, a three-year-old often seen running around the keep's courtyard.
  • Vlina Silvershield: Battle-daughter of Heironeous. Missionary looking to re-establish the faith on the frontier.
  • Henry Hilltopple: Book merchant currently in Kendall Keep




  • Kendall Keep: A small fortress on the uncivilized, southeastern frontier of the Yeomanry.


  • Caves of Chaos: Located several miles away from Kendall Keep, the Caves are located in a box canyon, and are home to several large tribes and clans of humanoids.


  • People's Bank (Location 11): The keep's official money changer and bank of record.
  • Green Man Inn: (Location 14) A two-story inn (the first floor is stone; the second floor is wood, with a watched roof. Popular with merchants and travelers. Run by Esbel Beasely.
  • One-Eyed Cat Tavern (Location 15): The popular (and only) watering hole and restaurant in the Keep. Run by a congenial old man named Osgred Beasely
  • Broken Key (Location 10a): The Broken Key is the keep's locksmith, a male stoutfoot halfling named Mouse. He also dabbles in money changing.
  • Fryda's Provisions (Location 9): A general store of sorts that sells a variety of common goods (rope, lanterns, spikes, hammers, etc.). Run by Fryda Opegbryth
  • Firebeard Trading Company (Location 10): Run by Grimm Firebeard, a dwarven trader with ties to the dwarven clans throughout the Yeomanry.
  • Kendall Keep Guild House (Location 16): A two-story building that serves as a home away from home for merchants, crafters, artisans, and other members of the region's various guilds. It's current master is Wuldulf Everwatch.
  • Kendall Keep Chapel (Location 17): Kendall Keep's chapel is dedicated to St. Cuthbert and run by Billet Abercrombie Neld.