The Borderlands Campaign

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The Borderlands campaign is set in CY 566 on the western frontier of the Yeomanry in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. It is based on the classic 'Dungeons & Dragons' module 'B2: Keep on the Borderlands' updated to use the 5th Edition rules.

It is also our "D&D Kids" campaign. Three of our kids -- two boys, one girl, all 10 years old -- wanted to learn how to play D&D. 'The Borderlands' is where we do that. The game is played once a month and supplements our other D&D campaigns.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters


Older group:

Younger group:

  • Tye, dragonborn sorcerer (ArM)
  • Emily, female half-elf (ViA)
  • Violet, female human druid (MU)



  • There are currently no dead characters.

Character Creation

New characters should be of appropriate level (as indicated by the DM), built using the 5E standard point buy, and use the standard starting gold and equipment as layed out in the 5E rulebook.

Characters starting at higher level should use the "standard campaign" column in the "Starting Equipment" table on DMG p. 38