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Zirnakaynin is a great drow vault city, located far beneath the surface of

Noble Houses

House Azrinae

A great house that's recently seen great upheavals -- its matron, Simovara Azrinae, was allegedly murdered by Allevrah Azrinae as the culmination of her rise to power. They were behind the drow forays to the surface, including assault on Celwynvian, and recently left the city en masse for an unknown destination. No one knows where they went but it's believed they only left behind a token force of House guards to protect the family estate.

The patron demon of the huse is Abraxas.

  • Allevrah Azrinae: female drow ?: Matron of House Azrinae.
  • Depora Azrinae, female drow ?: The dark elf who brought down the skymetal meteorite that crashed into Devil's Elbow and caused the tidal wave that flooded Riddleport. Killed by Shindiira Misraria.
  • Kardinnyr Azrinae male drow: First Son of House Azrinae and leader of the garrison protectig the House's estate in Zirnakaynin.
  • Nolveniss, male drow Wizard ?: Male researcher studying the "Armageddon Echo" in Celwynvian. Potential consort of Shindiira. Killed by the adventurers in the Armageddon Echo.
  • Shindiira Misraria female drow ?: The leader of the drow faction on Devil's Elbow. Responsible for casting the runes that brought the skymetal asteroid smashing into that island and sent a tidal wave rushing into Riddelport. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Simovara Azrinae, female drow ?: Previous matron of House Azrinae. Believed murdered by Allevrah Azrinae.

House Vonnarc

One of the most powerful houses in Zirnakaynin, known for its arcane might. It's patron demon is Areshkagal.

  • Alicavniss Vonnarc, female drow ?: Matron of House Vonnarc and an archmage. She was once close to House Azrinae, but had a falling out with their new matron.
  • Gadak Simiryin, male drow ?: Simpering, scheming merchant servant of House Vonnarc. It is believed that this is the merchant that the forge god Torag warned of. He offered to introduce the false drow to his house

House Dolour

House Dolour is reknowned for their knowledge of the Darklands, from the upper reaches of Nar-Voth where to the vast caverns and winding tunnels of the Sekamina to the strange and alien depths of the Orv. It was this house that was charged with guarding the elf gate to Celwynvian and fought off the elven incursion from that ruined city.



  • Plazas of Travail: In numerous places throughout the city winding streets end in broad circular plazas, places of dark beauty decorated with linthcrafted rock gardens or mosiacs of heatless mage fire. These Plazas of Travail remind the drow of the Abandonment -- the dark days after Earthfall -- and the descent into the Darklands.
  • Venom Kiss: A pleasure den catering to lesser drow nobles and rich merchents. From what the False Drow saw of it, the Venom Kiss offers a wide menu of depraved diversions. It is located just outside the Pale Market.
  • Ovessia: Locally known as the Pale Market, Ovessia draws ambitious and audacious traders from throughout the Darklands. Those who would do business there must first apply for permission and have their wares inspected for quality and suitability at the Commission, a massive silver-domed warehouse at the market's northwestern edge. A determined buyer can find nearly anything she desires in the Pale Market.


The main cavern of Zirnakaynin: