Saltmarsh Campaign

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Saltmarsh and it's surrounding lands circa CY 575


The adventure takes place around CY 570 (so about 25 years before the current Blackrazor Guild timeline). This is before the Greyhawk Wars and the rise of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Keoland has just turned away from an expansionist phase after military defeats on its northern frontiers and is looking to improve its internal holdings and bolster trade.

The campaign started as some filler sessions using the printed adventure 'Ghosts of Saltmarsh'. It quickly became a hit with everyone... and about the same time evolved into something else as the crew took to piracy aboard Gimble's Folly.

Player Primer

Saltmarsh is a sleepy little fishing town on the southern coast of Keoland. They're used to living on their own, far removed from the happenings in court, Keoland has recently reasserted its dominance here. The Traditionalists - those born and raised in Saltmarsh - want it to go back to its sleepy ways, while the Royalists are a newer faction that wants to see the city grow.

To the south is the constant threat of the Hold of the Sea Princes, a land ruled by pirates turned lords who heavily rely on slave labor to keep their economy going (as well as continued piracy).

There are murmurings of a new force of mysterious monks governing a hidden nation on the Tilvanot Peninsula, but little is known of them.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters

The main crew of Gimble's Folly

  • Garodon (Damon): Dwarven fighter and brewer hoping to partner up with the crew to make his fortune.
  • Mather Thornley (Nate): Male Human Fighter (Pirate)
  • Sherman Beastbane: Cleric of Phyton, and hunter of bestial enemies of mankind.
  • Thorfin (Jim): Dwarven pirate.

Additional Crew

Other PC's that have joined up for when we are short players, or for when someone dies.

  • Branlin Deepdelver (Jim): the dwarven barbarian.
  • Horrick (Eric): Halfling ranger from town who decided to follow the crew purely based on their entertainment factor.
  • Pheonax Raddlow (Nate): the male human rogue (criminal) with aspirations of arcane tricksterdom.
  • Ristel Vrinn (Tom): male drow druid. Given that the surface world has rarely, if ever, seen his kind, he masquerades as an "Amedio elf".
  • Vaughn (Carter): A male half-elf cleric of Procan, originally from Saltmarsh, returned home after the close of the war on the northern front.


  • Gimble Timbers (Damon): A male gnome seeking adventure in the south after a tragedy up north saw his family killed. Killed by a swarm of wasps.
  • Gurney Felleren aka 'Grill' (Tom): Male human barbarian a rough-and-tumble human male sailor inclined to solve problems with his fists. Killed by minions of the Vinelord.
  • Kelpin (Jim): A gnossi druid from the Hool Marshes concerned about a sinister presence which is unsettling the environment. Killed by weasels.
  • Raskalov (Nate): human male smuggler with aspirations of swashbuckling. Also killed by weasels.
  • Telek Zan'Ker (hardcorhobbs): Male human wizard of Suel decent, who has the telltale signs of nobility. Killed by minions of the Vinelord.

Character Creation

First level characters, standard point buy. The assumption is that you are natives of this backwater town in Keoland. Family might be fisherman, traders, smugglers, or pirates.