Knife in the Dark

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About the Saga

Cast of Characters


  • Greyhawk Date: ??, CY 592
  • Real World Date: August 3, 2007

Notable Quotes

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What Has Come Before

The dwarves of Khelaz-Mar and their human allies have traced the source of the terrible earthquake that shook the fortress to an abandoned complex of of the Great Cavern. Once in the complex, they encountered followers of Abbathor, dwarven god of trickery and greed and fought a pitched battle with them. The battle saw Vogg confused into attacking his friends, and Kull forced to subdue the tempest so that he could not harm his fellows. In the process, both dwarves lost their axes, which they are now keen to recover.

The Saga

Knife in the Dark

Eager to find their lost weapons, Kull and Vogg urge their fellow adventures to search the room where they battled the Abbathorian scum. They succeed in finding a secret door, which they destroy with the help of an earth elemental summoned by Moriam expressly for that purpose.

Exploring the complex beyond, Kull and Vogg find doors to the north and south; opening these doors triggers two glyphs, one which blasts them with icy cold and another which blinds Kull. Fortunately, the cleric Rencor was able to produce a potion which removed this blindness.

Proceeding on, they found a larger room that ended in a dark-shrouded archway. Vogg ran toward the arch ... and triggered a pit trap. He was able to deftly avoid it, but as he clamored onto the nearby floor, he triggers a second trap that sends him falling onto a metal mesh soaked with a strangely sticky substance. Soon he finds he isn't able to free himself from this odd glue, and asks his friends for help. As they do so -- and just as Moriam is about to seal off the dark archway with a wall of stone, the Abbathorian duo strikes again.

A great melee ensues with Manasi blasting their enemies with spell after spell, nearly disintegrating the dwarven cleric, and batting both with exploding balls of fire. Kull charged into the adjoining room, fighting the rogue in the darkness. Moriam joined him, and suddenly discovered himself on the receiving end of several expertly placed cuts that nearly reduced him to a bleeding sack of meat. Only after a great struggle, in which Kull tried to grapple and pin his opponent, and his allies -- who had pieced the magical darkness with spells of true seeing -- beating on the rogue -- were the adventurers finally able to defeat the Abbathorians.

With the battle complete, they looted their opponents, found a small shrine to Abbathor, and behind this shrine, a secret vault filled with gold bars and silver ingots. They also found notes describing the ritual that caused the great earthquake. Satisfied that they had defeated those who had caused the dwarven fortress so much trouble, and having freed Vogg from his soverign glued trap with the help of a second earth elemental, the adventurers retreated to the uppermost level of Khelez-Mar to rest, drink ... and discover the true nature of their magic items.

Subsequent to returning, Moriam reported to the ruling council of Khelez-Mar what they found, and suggested that they launch a clerical expedition to destroy the shrine.


Rogue treasure

  • +2 Mithril chain shirt
  • +2 Dagger of Speed
  • +2 Amulet of Natural Armor
  • +2 Ring of Protection


In the Shrine of Abbathor

  • 15 gold bars (worth 2K each, worth 30k total).

We also spent 900 gold pieces on magical components so Manasi could identify the above magic items.