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Moraim was a stout and reliable member of the Blackrazors guild, though heavily biased and concerned for dwarven affairs. He has subsequently left the Blackrazors and largely relocated to the reclaimed dwarven stronghold of Khelez-Mar.



Moraim was born in Greysmere, a dwarven protectorate within the Domain of Greyhawk. While there he entered into the patronage of his uncle, who at that time was the head master of the mines and a cleric of Ulaa. Following in his footsteps, he became a cleric of Ulaa himself after his apprenticeships as a miner and a gemcutter. Although hus uncle was proud of his accomplishment, his following the path of Ulaa, a goddess though revered by dwarves, is still seen as being a goddess of human origin, and with a small clergy amongst dwarves. This estranged him from his father, a follower of the ways of Moradin, a situation that lasts to this day.

After hearing tales of the collapse of the dwarven settlements in The Pomarj, he became outraged and since then has dedicated himself to the eventual liberation of the ancient mines there. He soon met up with an adventuring guild known as the Blackrazors and grudgingly threw his fortunes with them.

Now living in Obsidian Bay, he administers to the religious needs of the small dwarven community. Established within Irontown (the dwarven community within the city) he has recently established a small shrine able to hold services for some 80 dwarves.

While his goals have never left him, he has participated in adventures against one of his people's most hated enemies--the giants, helping the Blackrzors liberate Geoff. While lately he has declined to go on further campaigns in that tortured place (citing "previous engagements") he is willing to support in any way he can.


Moraim, like much of his race, is severe, dour and serious. He displays a marked favortism towards dwarfs, and a friendly tolerance of gnomes and some humans, while halflings and elves are tolerated only when their goals coincide with his. Half-breeds he looks upon with a mixture of pity and disgust, and humanoids with naked hatred. Having a firm grasp of the history of his people, he is well aware of the deprivations the humanoids had visited upon dwarfkind since the beginning, with each defeat is a grudge, and each victory a come-uppance.

Like all dwarfs, Moraim displays a love for gold, precious metals and of course gems. However, much of this he reinvests, in his church, or in his goals.


Moraim makes no secret of his desire to see the Pomarj repopulated with dwarfs, and the old mines re-opened. In his most private moments he's even admitted a desire to see a dwarven hegemony on the Pomarj, though usually his more practical nature forces him to admit this is not possible in the near future, and unfair to his human allies.

To this end he is a great proponent of the idea of liberating the Pomarj from the humanoid masses, though indeed he speaks of this as a cleansing of the lands. He also supports any idea of liberating the occupied territories of the Principality of Ulek.

As of late he has been frequently absent from his shrine, leaving it to the care of the prominent dwarves in Obsidian Bay. Although frequently asked, he rarely volunteers any information, and most assume it is some sort of "secret" mission on behalf of the city.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.
  • Church of Ulaa, Obsidian Bay: The Church of Ulaa, located in the heart of the dwarven community, ministers to the dwarven faithful and keeps the hopes alive for a dwarven liberation of the Pomarj.


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