Order of Cyphers

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The Order of Cyphers is a Riddleport-based wizardly organization dedicated to the study of the Cyphergate and other ancient monuments throughout Varisia.


  • Samaritha Beldusk, Half-Elf Wizard ?: Would-be cyphermage apprentice and cheat spotter at the Gold Goblin
  • Argentus Blakely, Human Wizard: The wizard who discovered the Blot over Riddleport
  • Fenella Bromathan, Human Wizard: Cypermage, master to Samaritha Beldusk, and leader of the guild's expedition to Devil's Elbow.
  • Phillymondiuspartigan Jones, Gnome Wizard: A one-time apprentce in the Order of Cyphers, kicked out when his master died.
  • Ozmantin, Human Wizard: A senior cyphermage and former master to Phillymondiuspartigan Jones. The mage died, causing his apprentice to be unceremoniously kicked out of the guild.
  • Elias Tammerhawk, Human Wizard: Elias is the leader of the Order of Cyphers


  • Cypher Lodge: The headquarters of the Order of Cyphers in Riddleport.