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An infamous human sailor and warlock looking for revenge against all slavers.


Roaryk grew up plying the Azure Sea and the Wooly Bay on a variety of ships. As he got older, though, the ships Roaryk served on got rougher and rougher. By the time Roaryk was a man, his ship, Mermaid’s Folly, was engaged in outright piracy in the eastern Azure seas, off the Iron Kingdoms (Onnwal, Irongate and Idee).

About a year ago, though, after fleeing westward toward the Wild Coast, Mermaid’s Folly ran afoul of a few slavers' ships. The Folly was boarded, sacked and left burning, with the crew either dead or taken. Roaryk was left for dead but as his mortal spark was dimming, some … thing called out to him and promised him power in return for service. Power enough for vengeance upon those who had wronged him. Roaryk eagerly accepted the deal and immediately began to strengthen as a more or less intact longboat floated past the piece of debris that Roaryk was clinging to.

Using the longboat, Roaryk was able to make his way to shore near Blue, and from there he made his way to Obsidian Bay.

Roaryk has been haunting the docks of Obsidian Bay for the last year. He’s hired out for a few sailing jobs, but mostly he has been looking for information on slavers and other nefarious types. This has led him to gain a small reputation among the seedy side of OB, considering that Roaryk’s usual method of asking involves finding anyone involved in shady dealings and threatening them with exposure or worse if they harbor any slavers or withhold any information on them. By this point, though, there doesn’t seem to be any more information to find, and Roaryk is at a dead end and contemplating other goals. And his patron is urging him to delve deeper into forbidden and forgotten lore, to amass greater and greater power ….

Alignment Change

Currently, Roaryk is Chaotic Good. He probably started as Neutral Evil or just Neutral, but after his run in with slavers, Roaryk has focused on opposing villainy and evil and the criminal element (and their legitimate fronts) who may deal with slavers. This pits Roaryk against many of his former acquaintances. This, coupled with Roaryk's reputation for being .... not quite right .... leads many to steer clear of the angry young man. Recently, though, some of the desperate in OB have started asking Roaryk's help in settling grievances or protecting them from those who would exploit them.


  • Not associated with any organizations.


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