Seltaren Campaign Episode 1: Welcome to Seltaren

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The Saga

Harvester 26, CY 592

A Halfling soldier by the name of Bardel of Greyhawk stops at the roadhouse known as the Feasting Fox Inn. He secures a room for the night, and grabs a meal. He notices the Inn is a little busy, and the bartender tells him it's due to tomorrow being Wroth Silver[1]. Lots of people are coming to town to take part or to witness the event.

Some time later he's approached by a pair of some shady looking caravan guards. They tell him they saw his military insignia, and ask about it. He informs them he was part of an elven mercenary outfit from Greyhawk. They offer him a deal for cheaper entry to city of Seltaren. Seems it could cost up to two gold for him to enter; but they can add him onto the ledger of their caravan as a guard. They'll only ask for 8 silver, making a profit and saving him money. He's a bit suspicious so he asks for proof before payment. They agree and one runs off to get the ledger, ask him to meet them outside in a few minutes. Still suspicious, Bardel excuses himself to the bathroom, and casts Mage Armor. They all meet outside and his name is added to ledger and coin is exchanged. Agree to meet at dawn.

Dawn comes about, and Bardel joins the caravan. Someone asks about the halfling, but the others shush him up. Eventually they make it to the city of Seltaren. The caravan passes through after some paperwork is filled out by the merchant. Bardel parts ways with the crew.

Wroth Silver

As Harvester 27th begins, the city of Seltaren is bustling. Today is the traditional event of Wroth Silver. It is where cattle farmers in the Duchy of Urnst pay their annual silver piece tribute to the Duke for the use of his lands for grazing. As with any ceremonial event, this draws a crowd to the city including two young human rogues: Thalimus Slystride and Detur Spindlelimb. The two quietly discuss their plans to wander through the crowd picking pockets. They split up agreeing to meet shortly. Thalimus does well picking a silver gold skull the size of a coin, a gold monocle which he accidentally breaks the lense out of, and some coin.

After some time Thalimus goes to find Detur, but he's not in the agreed upon meeting spot. Thalimus wanders around a bit, and finds his friend beaten and laying down in an ally. It seems Detur has been shaken down by some men reporting to the latest thug in town, [Vashar]]. Beaten and broke, the two retire to their favorite bar the Copper Crow.

In another part of town Bardal observes some of the ceremonies of the regional event of Wroth Silver, before eventually retiring to rent a room at the Grumpy Griffin Inn. He grabs himself a meal and listens to another halfling, a bard named Cicero Grubgrabber play some music on stage. He ends his set with his grand act of playing his shawm with his teeth, while juggling things on stage. The crowd is impressed and the halfling makes a few coin from his entertainment set.

After his set Cicero is approached by an odd girl in a unicorn mask named Donnabella Fiasco[2]. She was impressed by his act. As they talk they begin to discuss the upcoming Blackrazor tryout event, at which point Bardal overhears and joins the conversation. Seems all three want to know what exactly they need to do to prove their worth as the tryout flyers say. Halflings ask for a demonstration from Donnabella as to what she can do. She takes them outside, where she calls down a beam of red radiant light on a piece of bread. Halflings agree that it's rather impressive. The three end the night happy that they'll all have a chance to join the Blackrazors in two days.

Harvester 28, 592

Thalimus checks in on Detur, who he finds too hung over to be of any use today. Thalimus reminded Detur of tomorrow's tryouts, and Detur promises to be better by then. Thalimus then checks out the Arena of the Brawler for tomorrow's event. Oddly, he see's no signs of the upcoming Blackrazor tryout event. So instead he decided to go looking for some marks. Unfortunately it seems like anyone of value has moved on, so Thalimus decides to check on Detur. When some of Vashar's thugs show up at the Copper Crow, the two choose to call it an early night and head to their hostel.

In another part of town Bardal also checks out Arena. Thinks it's odd nothing is set up. Wanders around town asking what the feat of worth mentioned on the Blackrazor tryout poster might be. Ends the day with more questions than he started with.

Finally, Cicero wakes up at the crack of noon and heads to his family house trying to mend relationship with father. As has been the same for years, he fails to impress again. He then chooses to heads back to Grumpy Griffin Inn to play another set. This set is a bit less successful, but still brings a few coin to his pocket. He then retires for the night.

Blackrazor Try-outs

Bardal, Cicero, and Donnabella all greet each other as they show up at tryouts. There are about 3 dozen waiting, mostly farmers and caravan guards. From the group, Cicero goes first using minor illusion to cheer himself on as he approaches the tryout desk. At the desk another halfling wearing the tunic of the Blackrazors introduces himself as Oswald Baker. Before Oswald can finish his routine, Cicero cast's Fairy Fire, but the Blackrazaor's aren't impressed. Oswald tells him it's one gold to try out, and another 10 if accepted for required redshirt paperwork and gear. Oswald sets the gold on the desk, and heads into the tryout area. He cast's vicious mockery on the dummy and burst's it's head with psychic damage. The three blackrzors all agree this is good enough for a finalist. Cicero joins what looks like a caravan guard and a farmer in finalist area.

Bardal turn is next, and after going through the pitch he heads to dummy's and cast's burning hands, lighting all three dummy's on fire. Blackrazor leader claps excitedly claiming "Magic fire, a favorite of the Blackrazors! Well done." And he joins the finalists.

Donnabella is next, and when she reaches registration she becomes obviously upset. Cicero calls out for her to show off the magic she did last night. She begins to cry and starts to head away. Bardal realizes she doesn't have the coin, and offers it up for her. She wipes away the tears, shows off the radiant damage, and the leader sends her to the finalist area.

Next is a pretty impressive fighter, who squares off against the Blackrazor weapon master. While he's not good enough to best the master, he gets a thumbs up and joins the finalist. There's also a shady fighter who shows off some bow skills good enough for finalist status.

Detur is next. Between his hangover and his previous wounds his show is very poor against weapon master. He protests about the damage, and the leader tells him to wait on the side and perhaps they'll give him a spot.

Thalimus is the last one up. He's able to get a few solid hits in against the weapon master. Enough for the master to give him an ok, and he's a finalist.

In the end the Blackrazors agree to let Detur in as well. At suggestion from Bardal, Donnabella heals Detur, who is very grateful. The leader introduces himself as Gilbert Blackerd, Master of the House. He also introduces his weapon master Ulfrick Tully, and his scribe Oswald. He welcomes all the new redshirts, and each are given some questionable gear: very loose red linen tunic with a tar-painted sword; and a very worn belt and scabbard with a copper longsword. The whole group is lead to the Blackrazor house, in the Whispering Falls district. The party is a little concerned to find it's got burn marks on the exterior walls. As they tier the building, they find the inside looks like it hasn't been kept up very well either...


All characters gain 150 exp for the adventure.


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