The Borderlands Sagas

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The sagas of The Borderlands Campaign

CY 571

Chapter 01: Clash at the Borderlands - Wealsun 1, CY 571 (Real World Date: May 29, 2016)

  • The campaign begins with our heroes accompanying a caravan to Kendell Keep, the lone point of law in the chaotic western reaches of the Yeomanry.

Chapter 2: At the Caves of Chaos - Wealsun 2, CY 571 (Real World Date: Jul. 17, 2016)

  • Our heroes were part of a caravan travelling to Kendell Keep, a fortress in the lawless borderlands of the western Yeomanry. Only two miles from the keep they were attacked by goblins; after defeating those creatures they decided to track them to their lair. They have done so and now stand atop a ridge line overlooking the Caves of Chaos.