Balizarde de Cudgel

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An adventuring Cleric of Olidammara of some renown in Gryrax.


Balizarde de Cudgel, also known as "Wisenewt", was an orphan from Gryrax. Always a bit of a troublemaker in the St. Cuthbert orphanage, Wisenewt found his calling later in life with the clerics of Olidammara and their adventuring life-style. For most of his young adult life he sold his services as a cleric for hire to local adventuring bands. Eventually his adventures gained some renown and became a bit of a local folk hero.

In CY 515 he became concerned by the lack of communication from his "brother", fellow orphan Carac de Cudgel. Thus Wisenewt set off to the new settlement of Griffins Landing to see what had become of him.


  • Not associated with any organizations.


  • No statblock available.