Principality of Ulek

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A dwarven principality which borders the Kingdom of Keoland and the fallen "Poor March", now known as The Pomarj.


Nearly half of the principality was lost to the Orcish Empire during the Greyhawk Wars; now its dwarven rulers and their assembled allies are fighting to take it back. Obsidian Bay is one of the staunchest supporters of the Principality, and it has dispatched an expeditionary force to help in the war. Former Blackrazor Guildmaster Tanevir Calywyn is presently serving as a Field General in the allied army, directing all of the alliances covert activities in the occupied territories.

Cities, Towns, and Locations

This is a dynamic list of all the Cities, Towns, and Locations associated with this Country.
  1. Gryrax (Population 20,000)