A Night in the Strange Quarter

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About the Saga

The heroes investigate a series of weird disappearances, attacks and happenings in Darkdweomer End neighborhood of the Strange Quarter.


Cast of Characters

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What Has Come Before

The adventurers have just subdued and captured one of the two polymorphed monkeys running amok in Obsidian Bay. Their quest to find the other has been interupted by a series of odd distrubances in the Strange Quarter.

The Saga

Harvester 15, CY 591

The conditions in the Mudsitter’s District have become deplorable since the recent rains making the district a quagmire of filth, but the discontent has subsided somewhat. Prug was approached by Frayna, the mother of Kyla, a young woman who worked for an herbalist in the Strange Quarter neighborhood of Darkdweomer End. She stated that Kyla was missing, having not made it home the night before from Resh’s shop. Prug vowed to help find Kyla.

Prug ventured to Darkdweomer End, found Resh cleaning up his shop after it had been apparently vandalized, and informed Resh that Kyla was missing. Prug discovered that Kyla had a relationship with a guardsman at the western gate of the old city walls. His name was not obtained. Prug learned that Kyla had stayed late the night before she went missing to close up the shop after Resh had gone to bed feeling ill. The compost pile behind the shop, and the melons and pumpkins that Resh was growing there were also missing.

Largo, Griffith, Thom, Absalom and Corash were invited to dine with Vargas and his master Saheed at the Sign of the Tome and Tankard. Absalom and Corash were absent, but the others learned that Saheed was looking for some adventurers to investigate some odd happenings in Darkdweomer End including animal attacks, missing persons, break-ins and vandalism. They agreed to investigate, taking an initial payment of 50gp, with further compensation open to negotiation depending on the information gathered.

Since the party was somewhat shorthanded, two additional adventurers were found to supplement their numbers: Caramip, a gnomish bard, and Butch, a human fighter. Griffith was able to locate Prug, who then joined the main party as well.

While visiting the Dragon’s Chicken, the party encountered a young arcane apprentice named Taran, who apparently was attacked by his own cat familiar when it turned on him and escaped.

The party investigated Resh’s shop, and Largo was able to determine that acid was used to get past the lock on the back door of the herbalist shop, and small scratches and bite marks could be seen on the floor, the remaining plants, and the tables. Further exploration of the neighborhood resulted in Largo identifying something bizarre happening at a shop which sold animals to be used as familiars run by a man named Kerkom. Kerkom was found inside, after the party dispatched several animals that could transform into otherworldly tentacled forms. He was incoherent and near catatonic, but was brought around through the various healing ministrations of the party. When questioned, no clue as to the source of his animal’s strange transformations could be identified. He was taken to the hospital at the Temple of Zodal to recover.

The party decided to descend into the sewers, as a correlation between the proximity of sewer entrances and the locations of the various incidents encountered was surmised. When first entering the sewer, the party saw numerous broad-leafed vines growing on the remains of dead animals. After exploring some, the party encountered a gibbering mouther, some small cloven-hoofed humanoids dressed in dark clothes, and a large swarm of centipedes near another patch of pumpkin vines. Several party members were severely wounded or worse, and after a long fight with the centipedes, the party exited the sewers.

A silver ring was found on a corpse near the gibbering mouther, and a unique tattoo of a black ghost was found on the humanoids. After the party exited the sewers, Caramip and Butch decided to seek adventures elsewhere.


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