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Largo is a former locksmith from Blue who fled his home city after earning the ire of the Thieves Guild there. Now he's seeking to make a new life in the city.


Largo was born and raised in a small halfling settlement on the outskirts of the city of Blue. Upon coming of age, He left the town of his birth to seek his fortune and ended up apprenticing with an aging dwarven locksmith in Blue proper.

His master was delighted in his apprentice's natural talent and affinity to learn the trade, and Largo's deft hands and intuitive mind soon became a boon to the old dwarf's business. The elder craftsman quickly became very fond of the young hobbit and, having no sons of his own, eventually took him on as a full partner. A decade later, Largo inherited the increasingly-reputable business when his dwarven friend passed away.

Largo was married a few years later to a childhood sweetheart from his home village, and they lived together for many years in the modest but comfortable apartment above the shop. Unfortunately, the couple began to grow apart and the marriage ended 10 years later, sadly but amicably, after his wife's affair with a local merchant.

The now middle-aged locksmith, his dark brown hair and jaunty pointed beard beginning to gray, redoubled his efforts in both his shop and love life, and both prospered, although he never again married.

At this point, his reputation as a craftsman of fine locks and other security devices was at its height. Architects and handymen employed by merchants and minor nobles throughout Blue were now regularly visiting his establishment with the intent of securing their masters' homes and belongings with his locks.

His success was such that his confounding locks began to attract the unfortunate attention of the thieves' guild. The recent usurper of the leadership of the Blue thieves, Utembe Jaxson, frustrated with the incompetence of his underlings and eager to increase the scope and profit of his shady group, began to harass the skilled Halfling craftsman. Every time one of Jaxson's ventures was foiled by a Leftpocket lock, thugs employed by the guild appeared early in the morning to extort Largo for their lost profits.

Largo did his best to resist these strongarm tactics, but neither his resolve or pleas to the local constable did him any good. One early misty morning, after receiving a particularly sound thrashing and still refusing to divulge the whereabouts of his concealed coffers, the guild thugs dumped Largo in an alley and set his establishment alight.

Facing the end of his career and fearing for his life if he persevered, Largo salvaged what serviceable tools and supplies he could from his gutted shop and set his mind on one final task before fleeing the city. Fashioning one last strange and intricate device, he stealthily put it in place and left the city for good, heading for the relative metropolis of Obsidian Bay to seek out a new life.

Four hours after entering for his morning constitutional, Utembe Jaxson was freed from the outhouse behind his quarters by several axe-wielding minions.

Since arriving in Obsidian Bay, Largo has sought entrance to the Goldseekers Guild, attempted the exploration of the long-lost Sidewinder Pass, and assisted in the destruction of the Bloody Axes, a cult of Erythnul worshipers operating in the sewers of the great city.


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