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The Dark City Campaign is set in Obsidian Bay, but has nothing to do with the Blackrazor Guild. It involves a group of adventurers who have just arrived in Obsidian Bay after the outbreak of open warfare on the Pomarj, and who must make their way in a bright city suddenly turned dark.

For an easy-to-read listing of Dark City events, check out the Dark City Timeline.

Common Year 591


Introductions - Goodmonth 25, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2004-11-05)

  • A half-dozen strangers arrive in Obsidian Bay, each seeking their own path to adventure.

The Rusty Axes - Goodmonth 26, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2004-12-03)

  • The new arrivals to the dark city hunt the Rusty Axes, murderous cultists spreading terror and pain throughout Obsidian Bay's Mudsitters District.

The Sidewinder Pass, Part 1 - Goodmonth 27, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2004-12-17)

  • Fresh from their victory over the Rusty Axes, the new adventurers seek the long-lost Sidewinder Pass.

The Sidewinder Pass, Part 2 - Goodmonth 28, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-01-14)

  • The young adventurers continue their quest down the Sidewinder Pass, and find something unexpected ... and exceedingly dangerous.


Scarred and Tattooed - Harvester 1, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-02-04)

  • After the half-orc monk Prug is nearly murdered, the adventurers set out to discover who was responsible for the fiendish attack.

The Trial of Absalom - Harvester 3, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-03-04)

  • The druid Absalom must convince the City Watch that he murdered a prostitute in self defense. Meanwhile, the half-orc monk Pruge continues his quest to find the men who nearly killed him.

The Breakers - Harvester 4, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-03-11)

  • The half-orc monk Prug and his allies prepare to confront the men who ambushed and nearly killed him.

The Horror at Coral Bend - Harvester 5, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-04-01)

  • The adventurers leave Obsidian Bay and its myriad threats to rescue a seaside village under attack by fiendish monstrosities from the sea.

The Last of the Emperor - Harvester 7, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-07-01)

  • The Dark City heroes continue their exploration of the doomed merchant ship The Emperor of the Waves, searching for a long lost treasure belonging to their trader employeer.

Farewell to Kings - Harvester 9, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-07-08)

  • Now back in the Obsidian Bay, the heroes are greeted by riots, overzealous guards, and a resurgent Rusty Axe Gang.

When Fire-Breathing Monkeys Attack - Harvester 10, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-07-22)

  • The adventurers attempt to track down a fire-breathing, polymorphed monkey running amok in the High Quarter.

A Night in the Strange Quarter - Harvester 15, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-07-30)

  • The heroes investigate a series of weird disappearances, attacks and happenings in Darkdweomer End neighborhood of the Strange Quarter.

Another Night in the Strange Quarter - Harvester 15, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-08-05)

  • The adventurers continue their investigation of the troubles in Darkdweomer End, and welcome the help of Kerth Greenfield, a favored soul of Pelor.

The Danger in Dark Dweomer End - Harvester 18, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-08-19)

  • The adventurers search for the Scarecrow haunting the Strange Quarter's Dark Dweomer End and instead discover horrifying, extraplanar entities operating from an abandoned guard tower near the Obsidian Tower.

The Scarecrow Hunt - Harvester 20, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-08-26)

  • The adventurers continue to hunt for the Scarecrow, and deal with a group of Blue thugs hunting for Largo.

Bardic Lure - Harvester 21, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-09-02)

  • The Dark City adventurers continue their search for the terrifying -- and elusive -- Scarecrow lurking in the sewers.

When Monkeys Attack, Part 2 - Harvester 22, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-09-16)

  • Rumors of practical jokes running amok in the Strange Quarter draw the adventurers into a confrontation with a mage who'd been polymorphed into a monkey ... and retained enough of his magical knowledge to be exceedingly dangerous.

Free Days, Dark Nights - Harvester 23, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2005-11-18)

  • The Dark City heroes head out into Obsidian Bay on their personal errands, but a few find far more than they bargained for.

The Horror at the Fountain - Harvester 23, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-03-10)

  • The Dark City is threatened by nefarious followers of a demon god, while a Guild of Messengers initiates a crackdown on its competitors.

Attack of the Messengers - Harvester 25, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-03-24)

  • The Persuaders run up against someone who's mind they can not change, the Pelorites seek the cure for contamination in the Mudsitters District, and the Earth Dragons seethe over a crime committed against one of their own.


The Southern Arc, Part 1 - Brewfest 7, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-04-07)

  • The adventurers arrive at the Southern Arc and defeat the guardian at its maw.


The Southern Arc, Part 2 - Patchwall 3, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-06-01)

  • The adventurers delve deeper into the Southern Arc seeking the tongue of the naga.

The Southern Arc, Part 3 - Patchwall 4, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-05-06)

  • To save a ward of the Mudsitters District from a vile, corrupting toxin, the Dark City heroes have ventured to the subterranean wilderness of the Southern Arc. There they seek the lair of a dark naga, whose tongue is needed to create the antidote that the Mudsitters to need.

The Storm Rising - Patchwall 7, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-05-20)

  • Exhausted from their expedition to the Southern Arc, the heroes spend a few days relaxing in Obsidian Bay. They don't get a chance to relax for long though, as they encounter something monsterous in the sewers below the Strange Quarter.

The Bleeding Eye, Part 1 - Patchwall 10, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-08-04)

  • Not content to rest on their laurels after having saved the Mudsitters District from a foul poison, the Dark City heroes seek out new challenges (and paying jobs) at Obsidian Bay's Bounty Office.

The Bleeding Eye, Part 2 - Patchwall 12, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-09-01)

  • The Dark City heroes venture to the Wardare Tower, where they find that it's knight protector has been driven insane by an orcish artifact and the elven spirit hidden within it.

The Bleeding Eye, Part 3 - Patchwall 14, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2006-09-07)

  • Having destroyed the elven ghost that possessed the knight Sir Erogin Wardare, the Dark City heroes must now find and defeat the Bloody Eye Clan warriors headed for the knight's estates.

New Beginnings - Patchwall 15, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2007-11-30)

  • A new band of adventurers, heroes and regular folk arrives in Obsidian Bay as a new threat to the poor of the Mudsitters District arises.

Adventurers Wanted - Patchwall 16, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2007-12-07)

  • More new faces appear in Obsidian Bay, and a few set out seeking ingredients to cure the "Black Scour Taint".

Adventurers Wanted (Again) - Patchwall 17, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2007-12-14)

  • A new band of adventures, consisting of Ferdiad, Zilanderan and Garth, meet up at Roots & Remedies, and launch an expedition to find the original adventures who sought a cure to the "Black Scour Taint".

Out on the Town - Patchwall 17, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-01-11)

  • The original Dark City heroes catch up on old times at Fire-eaters, while the newcomers learn of the disturbing disappearance of children near the Tarwood.


Back to the Monastery - Ready'reat 1, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-01-18)

  • Following the path of the missing children, the adventurers find themselves once again at the ruined dwarven monastery outside the Tarwood.

The Dungeon of Laduguer's Crucible - Ready'reat 3, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-02-02)

  • Having retreated from the deadly traps of the dungeon beneath the ruined monastery of Laduguer's Crucible, the Dark City B-Team rests, licks their wounds and waits for reinforcements.

Out of the Mists, Into the Depths - Ready'reat 4, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-02-15)

  • The Dark City B Team find a new ally in the ruined depths of a dwarven monastery. The Astonishing Guizepo joins the campaign.

Death at the Hands of the Kobold King - Ready'reat 4, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-03-14)

  • The B Team finally goes up against the Kobold King that rules Laduguer's Crucible ... and is slaughtered to a man.

Murky Portents - Ready'reat 1, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-03-21)

  • Two new heroes arrive in Obsidian Bay and join up with the A Team even as dark rumors and murky portents circulate through the city's working class districts.

Fight on the Town - Ready'reat 2, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-04-04)

  • The heroes go about their daily business, each getting into a fight of their own.

Lighting the Silver Flame - Ready'reat 2, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-04-18)

  • The Followers of the Silver Flame join together to battle an undead scourge that has taken to the skies of Obsidan Bay.

The Return of the Entertainer - Ready'reat 4, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-05-02)

  • An old enemy of Obsidian Bay returns to the city to weave a cunning trap for would-be adventurers.

Howls in the Night - Ready'reat 5, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-05-16)

  • The autumn rains have arrived in Obsidian Bay, bringing with it a roaring, hungry evil that haunts the nighttime mists.

Howls in the Night, Part 2 - Ready'reat 8, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-05-30)

  • The Dark City heroes hunt down the aberrant horrors murdering people in the Mudsitters District, but are stymied in their quest by an angry mob that resents their intrusion into their neighborhood.

Howls in the Night, Part 3 - Ready'reat 9, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-08-08)

  • The Dark City heroes find a tainted region of Butchers End. After fighting off the mob, they are able to find a foci in Awful Alley.

The Hunt for Absalom- Ready'reat 24, CY 591 (Real World Date: 2008-08-15)

  • While trying to hunt down their former companion Absalom, the party begins to discover how critical it is to find him. Meanwhile, they volunteer to undertake a watery expedition in his place.