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The Domain of Obsidian Bay is located in the southeastern portion of Located in::the Pomarj pennisula. It's major cities are its capital, Obsidian Bay and the former pirate haven of Blue.


In CY 513 the Griffins Guild gathered up the entirety of their guild membership, along with all their support staff. Their goal was to tame the wild lands of the Pomarj. They landed, and started the small settlement of Griffins Landing. A few short months later, one of their scouting parties discovered the Obsidian Maze. Word quickly spread across the Flaness; and before the guild knew it they were in the middle of a boom town. These new settlers referred to the settlement as "That town on Obsidian Bay"... and eventually the name stuck.

The city fought for many years to hold it's sovereignty, fighting back against the humanoid menaces that cover the Pomarj, and freeing neighboring settlements. However in CY 587 elements from inside the city conspired with it's enemies causing it to fall. After freeing the city in CY 588, the Lord Mayor announced the formation of the Domain stretching north to the Drachensgrabs and east to Blue.

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