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A wandering divine servant of Pelor.



Early life

Kerth Greenfield is the fourth child of six. He was born to a free, but poor farmer and his wife. His childhood was of that of any farmer’s son. As soon as he could, he started helping out with the chores of the farm. Mostly, they raised crops of various sorts, but they also had a few animals to which he helped out with. When not doing chores, Kerth played with his siblings and with the animals of the farm. Due to the family being farmers, they chose to worship Pelor, to help their crops grow.

Greyhawk Wars

The good times would not last however. It was towards the middle of his childhood that the Greyhawk wars began. Kerth ‘s father and brother volunteered to help build defenses at first, and later to rebuild homes and other buildings ruined during the war. His mother and his two older sisters, on the other hand, helped where they could with the wounded. They made meals and bandages, and even acted as nurses at times. It was during this time Kerth, barely a teenager, tried to do what he could. He was never a very strong boy. Not weak, just not strong like his father and older brother. So he helped his mother and sisters when he could. This is what lead to the discovery of something new.

One day Kerth was helping his mother. She was acting as a nurse to the clerics of town. Still being young Kerth was fascinated by the clerics ability to heal. Then curiosity of a young boy kicked in. He went up to a wounded man, and attempted to heal him just as he had watched the clerics do. Miraculously, he got the desired effect. It was nowhere as efficient as the clerics, but he was able to heal none the less. Witnessing what the boy had done, an older cleric took him under his wing in an attempt to hone the new found powers.

Travel Years

Some years, and many healed later, Kerth decided the next step would be to become a cleric. He had already become proficient with the ability to heal, even if it was a bit different from how the clerics did it. It seemed he didn’t even need to pray to use his powers. Things did not go well during the training however. Since his methods differed from the clerics, he was viewed a bit with a skewed eye. Many of the younger clerics took a bit of distrust to him. In the end, he was not accepted into the fold.

So Kerth went back to the farm. He realized he had a talent, and even if the church didn’t want it, Pelor gave it to him for a reason. So he volunteered as a full time nurse, using his healing abilities along-side the same clerics who denied him acceptance. When the wars came to a close, Kerth decided it was a new opportunity. So he packed up the little bit of belongings he had, said goodbye to his parents, and set out into the world, with only Pelor to guide him. Now 24, he’s been traveling for several years. He seeks out places that require his abilities most. He never asks for compensation, and stays in the temples of Pelor volunteering his services there in return for some food and a place to sleep. On occasion, he’s even adventured along side small groups delving here and there into mysteries. He keeps himself armed with the tools he needs to do such tasks, and donates anything extra he acquires to the local churches for defense.

A New Home

He is now in Obsidian Bay, where he acts as a sort of freelancer for the Church of Pelor, aiding their efforts in the Mudsitters District. This has brought him at odds with the Followers of the Earth Dragon who also serve that district. Kerth has therefore come to rely on aid from the Maidens of the Shield who are secretly investigating the Earth Dragons.

Recently Kerth began forming an organization comprised of the various groups who patrol the Mudsitters District. He hopes they will be able to do more good as a group than appart.


  • Church of Pelor, Obsidian Bay: The light of Pelor has long fallen on the uplifted faces of Obsidian Bay’s teeming masses, providing solace for the down-trodden masses, consul for the rich and powerful, and support for the adventurous and militant.


  • No statblock is available.
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