Killian "The Red" O'Brien

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One of the original "New Founders" of the Blackrazor Guild, Killian was a ranger from the Vesve Forest far to the northwest of the Pomarj. He began adventuring with the band led by Malphas von Malaclypse in CY 586, having met up with them outside of the North Province city of Eastfair. In order to join the band, Malphas made him swear fealty to serve him as captain first and foremost... and oaths are something that Vesve Rangers don't take lightly. In conflict with the group known as the Grindsmen, Killian became arch-enemies with the mage Weri, who later became a powerful pyromancer in service to an Orcish god. Weri had escaped many times, but was finally put down (or so everyone thought) in the last battle destroying the Grindsmen.

After defeating the Grindsmen, the party moved to the border of Nyrond near Innspa, and spent some time adventuring in the Adri Forest allied to Elversford. There, the party ran afoul of the Countess Karasin of House Garasteth (now a Princess), and especially her Captain of the Guard, Saban Sannsunth. After the political climate became untenable for the party to remain in the Adri, the booked passage to the Pomarj.

Killian travelled (fled) Nyrond with the rest of the group to Obsidian Bay on the Pomarj. There they adventured often into the Obsidian Maze, and also made an ill-fated trip to Greyhawk City. While there, his foresworn master Malphas came under the influence of multiple evil magic items, and was arrested by the city guard. While standing trial for several high crimes, including murder, Killian used a Limited Wish which he had gained adventuring in the Obsidian Maze to teleport Malphas to a random plane, thus escaping Greyhawk's justice. Killian was immediately imprisoned for interfering and causing the escape of one of Greyhawk's most notorious criminals.

Killian spent several months in Greyhawk's Grand Citadel Prison, but was offered the opportunity to redeem himself when the Lord Ranger of the Vesve negotiated his release if he would aid in bringing down the newly risen Pyromancer Weri. Killian gladly accepted the task, and spent the remainder of his life hunting down Weri and conducting covert intel gathering missions for Obsidian Bay, including a dangerous mission within the city of Highport.

Killian's death came during the Blackrazor's confrontation with Weri while the mage was allowing his red dragon mount to feed outside of Blue. The Blackrazors ambushed Weri's force, and in a fierce battle, Killian fired the killing shot of an Arrow of Slaying which sunk into Weri's chest, felling him. Killian ran to seek shelter from Weri's dragon, but was incinerated when he took a full blast from the beast's breath weapon after he had fallen unconscious from earlier wounds.