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A once down on his luck human fighter and drunk; now "General" of an upstart empire.


Kor is an adventurer who came to Obsidian Bay, CY 515 looking to make his fortune. There he banded up with a few other like minded adventurers who called themselves "Hells Huntsmen". For a short time the Huntsmen were able to make a moderate success out of killing and looting goblins and orcs on the frontier. On one of these trips they ran into a goblin who traded his life for the location of the infamous Caverns of Quasqueton, the former hidden headquarters of the near-legendary adventurers Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown. The caverns would be the Huntmen's undoing, as they would all be captured and killed by the current inhabitants... all but Kor who somehow made his way back to Obsidian Bay.

For the next few weeks Kor became a professional drunk, selling his stories or copies of a crude map to the caverns for a drink. Eventually he met up with a promising group of adventurers; so promising he decided to join them (against the groups will).

Though they didn't end up finding the lost treasure from the Caverns, the venture did come with rewards... and consequences. In an attempt to make Kor more competent in combat his companions gave him a magic items they discovered. A rusty gauntlet and a magical axe did in fact enhance his melee abilities. What they didn't realize at first... was that they also pulled out his more evil tenancies.

During a harsh winter in Griffins Landing, Kor became disgusted by the aid given to those citizens he deemed "weak". The gauntlet fed on this disgust, and gave him information as to the whereabouts of the lost Steel Skull Fortress. It also granted him the knowleage of how to unlock the Ironbound Warriors housed within. He defeated the leader of the local gang the Wyverns and commanded the rest to follow him into the wilds.

He succeeded in his mission, and took the fortress for his own. He named himself "General" Kor and founded the Wyvern Empire. As soon as word got out, Hextorite recruits streaming in from around the Pomarj...



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