Mad Eye Sullivan

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The crazed leader of the Madbrand Guild.


"Mad Eye" Sullivan was once a peaceful, quiet man who worked a farm on the edge of the Obsidian Bay.

Then the orcs came, slaying his family and forcing him into slavery.

In the months of pain and agony that followed, Sullivan fanaticized daily about murdering his orcish seers and taking holy vengeance against them for all the evil that they had done.

One day, after a particularly brutal whipping at the hands of a hobgoblin the once-kind-hearted Sully snapped. Blood-rage filled his mind, and he snapped the chains that had bound him to the huge log that served as a whipping post.

He then wrenched the post from the ground, and used the log to attack his captors, killing every one sight in an unbelieveable show of strength. He lost his right eye in the fighting, but he hardly noticed.

He freed his fellow slaves, telling them that anyone who wanted vengeance should follow him into the hills.

Many did, and in the years that followed, the orcs came to fear the unruly horde of humans that would come sweeping down from caves in the Drachensgrabs to wipe out entire orcish patrols, raid villages, and free slaves.

It is whispered that Mad Eye's rage against the humanoids is such that he'll kill any freed slave who doesn't join his band in their quest against the orcs, but this has never been confirmed.


  • Madbrand Guild: Humans who were taken as slaves by Pomarjian orcs, but later threw off their chains (both of slavery and civilization).


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