Mica Brightpick

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Mica was 2nd block watch commander in a rather anonymous and unremarkable Gnomish mountain settlement's militia. While exercising in a drill on a clear and pleasant autumn morning, a freak lightning strike caused a rock slide that buried Mica under hundreds of pounds of boulders.

The rest of his squad feverishly dug to free him, but to no avail, and he was sadly left for dead.

But the next day he returned to town, raving wildly that Garl Glittergold himself had dug him out of the mountain. Garl had tasked him with the awesome task of killing Kurtulmak, the Kobold God. Onlookers were stunned at this, but largely attributed it to his obviously broken skull and probable brain damage. Mica then fell unconscious for several days, and upon waking had no recollection of these events.

So now he wanders, preparing for the day that he faces Kurtulmak in single combat, eliminating the Kobold threat once and for all.

Actually, that didn't really happen. Pym Goodhammer dropped a sack of hooked hammers on him that they were moving up to the attic of the guardhouse armory.

A few hours later Pym, told him all about the freak lightning storm, his holy encounter, and what had happened in the "week" that he'd been unconscious. Pym intended to let him in on the joke after dinner... but Mica's cracked skull and concussion had left him just gullible enough to believe it. Mica set off on his holy pilgrimage without a word to anyone else, and has been on it ever since.


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