Mist Silvershroud

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An elven ranger who serves the Blackrazors in Greyhawk.


Mist was born in a small elvish settlement in Celene. His parents were foresters and hunters, and young Fieran, as he was named at birth, had the same affinity for the woodlands as his parents. He ranged far and wide with them, learning the skills of woodcraft and huntsmastery. Fieran and his family were unconcerned with the tides of change rolling throughout the Flanaess, bothered only by their own carefree existence. That all changed, however, when fieran's settlement was attacked by drow on a nighttime terror mission. Fieran and his parents were away on a hunting expedition, and returned in time to witness the tail end of the massacre. discovering their neighbors dead, and a few dead drow besides, they immediately swore vengeance and set out to track the drow and avenge their friends.

Being accomplished trackers, Fieran, his mother and father had no trouble following the drow, who were in alien territory. they came upon the patrol and immediately engaged in mortal combat. The outcome was predictable. Outnumbered and overmatched, Fieran's father, and then his mother, fell to the superior swordsmanship of the drow. Fieran's courage faltered at the death of his parents, and he broke and ran off, melting into the forest mists and evading the hotly pursuing drow. Eventually they gave up, and Fieran took a new name - Mist Silvershroud, a self mockery of his cowardice in hiding from the drow in the mists, rather than fighting bravely to the end like his parents.

With this feeling of unworthiness came a desire to leave Celene and adventure in the lands of men, to gain the experience needed to repay the drow and cleanse himself of his perceived shame. He roamed about the lands around the Nyr Dyv with several different adventuring bands, gaining a reputation as a quiet and reserved elf, but a faultless tracker and determined swordsman. Mist never stayed for too long with any one group, drifting from here to there, perhaps afraid somewhere in his heart that the drow he evaded long ago would come to find and destroy him, taking his friends with him.

While he was visiting the City of Greyhawk, enjoying an ale and looking for some new companions, he heard of the arrival of the Blackrazor Guild in the city. His funds running low, and his body stirring for more adventure, Mist decided to try the Guild.

So it was that Mist came to the Blackrazor Guildhall, and paid the 'entrance fee' of facing the guild weapons master - trainer in single combat, amidst much betting on how long he would last from the other guild members. Mist dropped his sword right at the outset of the engagement, was graciously allowed to retrieve it, and then was soundly trounced by Gef Ironhold. Thus humbled, Mist joined the Blackrazors in a night of celebrating and partying, a junior member of the guild.

Mist is slight for an elf, barely reaching 5 feet and a hundred pounds. He tend to wear cloaks of mottled browns and greens, never wearing armor - 'it interferes with my swordsmanship', in his words. He is quiet and reserved, mostly, but can be quite sarcastic and cynical at times. his adventures have led him to a tolerance of humans and their cities, and he developed a taste for fine (and not so fine) ale during his travels, unusual for an elf. He has little regard for law, being brought up in a place where laws are few and seldom followed. His lust for vengeance has been tempered somewhat by his desire for adventure, but he knows he has a score to settle and is waiting for the day he is powerful enough to do it. In the meantime, he has found a group of adventurers with a similar take on life as his own, and is content with giving himself over to a time of high adventure.

He currently serves as one of the stewards of the Blackrazors' Greyhawk property known as "Swamphold".


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.


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