Gef Ironhold

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The Blackrazor Guild's former weaponmaster.


Gef Ironhold has done it all and seen it all.

He adventured, fighting dragons and giants and the like, for a dozen years before settling in Obsidian Bay, where he was welcomed as a member of the city guard.

He rose to the rank of seargent, but never had any desire to rise higher -- he wanted to fight in the trenches, not in the offices. He did that for another 18 years, until finally deciding he'd had enough.

His goal in life became to pass on what he's learned.

When the Blackrazor Guild told a city guardsman named Lt. [[Bander] in C.Y. 586 that they were looking for someone who might be interested in heading up the guild's day to day operations and training, the leader of Obsidian Bay's City Guard didn't have to think twice.

Gef, after beating the Blackrazors' barbarian, Ragnar, in open combat with his favorite quarter staff, signed on with the guild. Now he's doing what he loves -- training upstarts and beating their skulls affectionately with his staff while pulling down 100 gp a month for a salary, plus room and board, plus a cut from training fees.

Ragnar's humiliation at the hands of the guild's master-of-arms initiated a tradition in the guild -- every new member must face the guild's weaponmaster in melee combat to be properly 'evaluated'.

These bouts happened about once a week, and usually involved plenty of cheering, drinking, and betting by members of the guild.

Gef served the Blackrazors loyally until CY 589, when he was kidnapped by the guild's arch-enemies, the Knights of the Iron Nation.

The Blackrazors searched throughout the Flanaess for him, finally discovering that he had been taken to the Knights newly-built stronghold on the northern Pomarj, Tyrant's Heart. They launched a full-out attack to recover him, during which he was accidentally decapitated by Ragnar Blackmane

After the battle at he was raised by the Church of Trithereon. He agreed to serve the church for two years in payment, and subsequently has stepped down as the guild's weaponmaster.



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