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The Orcish Empire of Turrosh Mak is a percarious alliance of most of the humaniod tribes of the Lortmils and the Pomarj.


Emperor Turrosh Mak's Orcish Empire includes most of The Pomarj peninsula, the Wild Coast, and the eastern portions of the Principality of Ulek. It's capital is Stoneheim.


During the Greyhawk Wars the Empire raided into the elven nation of Celene and conquered half of the Principality of Ulek but failed to destroy the small human city of Obsidian Bay on The Pomarj.

Most think their failure at Obsidian Bay was simply due to the fact that they did not care enough to send enough troops to succeed. The Obsidian Bay militia made up of competent adventurers was enough to defeat the orcish warbands in the field.

Now, though the Greyhawk Wars are over, the war for the Pomarj continues. It seems that Mak will not stop until he rules it all.

Cities, Towns, and Locations

Notable locations within the Empire:

Armies of the Orcish Empire

Turrosh Mak keeps the most powerful warlords and tribal leaders content by making them generals of their own forces. As such the Orcish Empire has many armies.


There are countless tribes of Orcs and other humanoids across the Pomarj and up and down the Wild Coast. Here are some of the more infamous ones: